Stay Safe, Keep Smile 2020

Guenter ZORN
KAGURAZAKA Mignardises

HOPE・PEACE 希望への日々 2020
– A Dialogue Between Two Photographers –
ハービー山口 [ Stay Safe, Keep Smile 2020 ]
ギュンター・ツォーン [ KAGURAZAKA Mignardises ]

Jan 22 – Mar 27, 2021


The year 2020 was marked by the advent of the new corona virus, which turned our world upside down. Humanity is fighting back but progress is still slow. People’s daily live is at the mercy of this pandemic menace. Survival is the order of the day. The unusual has become the new normal. Sanity is a valued commodity. We can no longer simply enjoy being with other people, dining out, dancing, laughing, hugging or even share sad moments to comfort each other. We are constricted to social media interaction, which seems the opposite of social. Art including photography plays an even more important role in coping with the dark times that are still with us in the new year of 2021. The joyful, optimistic and yet sensitive photographs by the two artists remind us of happier moments with HOPE on the horizon and PEACE as the pillar for a new beginning.